A system built around projection, real time graphics and interaction.

seeserver is a hardware & software platform designed specially for the design of realtime, interactive projection mapping shows.

Code your own effects

Make your own effects using open source libraries. This allows creative coders to add features with ease.

Out the box features

We’ve included various features to get started, all of which can be extended with your own or others libraries:

  • Depth camera¬†Integration.
  • Audio and control support through DMX & OSC.
  • Quicktime Video Playback.

.SEE Support

The server provides support for seeper’s .SEE Codec, allowing 16 times HD video playback at high frame-rates.

3D Editor

Our 3D editor allows full control of the camera, the model, and many more aspects of your scene:
Things like real time vertex editing, auto UV’ing, edge blending, warping, masking and much more…

Auto Calibration + Auto Mapping

Our auto calibration tool allows users to map their content to real life objects automatically. Say goodbye to countless hours tweaking the projection.

Built in Sequencer

seeserver’s built in sequencer provides you the ability to build your shows with ease.


seeserver is networked, allowing as many machines, with as many outputs as you want.

Built using open source libraries

Built using OpenGL, OpenFrameworks and Qt, allowing the creative coding community to work with us.

Why Seeserver?

So why would you use seeserver:


Are you interested in getting involved with seeserver? If you're a talented developer, or an inspired investor we'd love to hear from you. Please get in touch with the details below...

About the team

Founded in 1998, seeper is an Arts and Technology studio based in East London and working across the world. We are a diverse group of creatives using technology for artistic: advertising, entertainment, education and live events.


Our recent collaborators and commissioners include: TED.com, BBC, Google, Victoria & Albert Museum, Wired, British Film Institute, Punch Drunk Theatricals, Glastonbury Festival, JayZ, Nike, Reebok, Unilever, Sky Sports, Hewlett Packard, Toyota, Ford, AMD, Vimeo, Microsoft, Aldeburgh Music, Ogilvy, Sony, Nokia and many other innovative brands and organisations.


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